Pioneers in Generating Solar Steam for Your Industry

Our world needs to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel. The production of heat is still the largest portion of energy required by the industry. FRESNEX has the cost efficient and green answer to this problem. A product that collects solar energy in the form of steam - using mirrors. It`s the technology of concentrated solar power (CSP) which focuses the sun onto a receiver pipe to create steam and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Various systems, especially power plants using steam to generate electricity are in use today. With the novel concept of FRESNEX, smaller applications to provide process steam for industrial companies are now readily available.

Based on our patented innovation, an inexpensive mirror module is manufactured. The "CSP Panel" combines pivotally mounted mirror strips with a drive and control on a plate. This self-contained system is easily transported in standard containers or on trucks and effortlessly assembled on site by local staff.

The panel is designed to fit the requirements of the industry for rooftop solar steam systems with low wind profile and a well-balanced weight. Quick installation, seamless process integration and automatic operation ensure high customer satisfaction and a reduced amortization (approx. 30%) compared with available CSP’s.

The solar steam system is applicable for open and closed steam cycles. Other heat transfer fluids may be used as well if required.