Our Green Philosophy

The world needs to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel – it’s fast depleting and harmful to the environment. Fresnex has, therefore developed a product that collects solar energy in the form of steam (temperature range from 100°C to 250°C) using the technology of concentrated solar power (CSP).

In addition to the economic and technical issues the eco-system of the potential customers are of great importance to us.

Our target groups are in the food, paper and chemical industry. Today these companies predominately use gas or oil fired boilers to generate steam. Biomass boilers and systems for waste heat recovery are also used. With our product, it is possible to provide a part of the required energy by using solar power. The existing system acts as backup. The use of fossil fuel is, therefore reduced. Further to the benefit for the companies the country itself can reduce its dependency on fossil fuels through the new system. In case of fossil fuel imports the solar system will have a positive effect on the active trade balance. 

We are able to offer affordable, self-contained modules mirrors for the first time. It’s mostly industries that use steam within our temperature range and we want to contribute by offering alternative energy instead of using fossil fuels.

We can help make the planet a little greener with our innovation – with economic and ecological advantages.