Mirror Module

The CSP-Panel concentrates sun light onto a receiver mounted on a support structure above the panel. The CSP-Panel is supported by concrete foundations and is precisely aligned to the receiver. The receiver is connected with the consumers by pipe work which delivers water to the solar field and the generated steam back to the consumers.

The functional principle is already successfully used in the solar heat area and is known as the Fresnel principle. It is named after the French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel, whose name induced us to naming the company "Fresnex".

The CSP-Panel consists of long narrow mirror strips, which are pivot-mounted on a base plate over their full length. The control logic operates the actuator in such a way that it aligns and orients all the mirror strips continuously according to the position of the sun. The angles of the individual mirror strips are chosen in such a way that the sun light is focused onto the receiver during the whole day.

At the on-site installation the CSP-Panel has to be mounted on the prepared foundation and levelled to the horizontal position by the local assembly personnel. On-site-adjustment of the individual mirror strips is not needed.

Further advantages of this new concept are in particular:

  • very small area exposed to wind, which keeps the size of the needed foundation small and which, for roof top installation, minimizes the additional forces into the existing roof structure.
  • considerably smaller on–site installation costs compared to other existing systems, which is important especially for smaller plants,
  • on-site installation without specific solar energy knowhow,
  • simple operation due to user friendly, pre-assembled, modular and self-contained CSP-Panel,
  • low water consumption also for frequent cleaning with semiautomatic cleaning unit.