Key Benefits

We Provide Award-Winning Innovation For Your Benefit

A controller-actuator unit automatically angles the mirror strips so that sunlight focuses exactly onto the receiver pipe throughout the entire day. Direct steam generation in the receiver pipe - in combination with a boiler drum - provides fully automatic energy supply during sunshine hours. Utilize your rooftop or other available space the most effective way.

We Optimize Gain

Unlike conventional systems, FRESNEX mirror elements are pre-aligned with high precision in the production before delivery to the site. This results in high optical efficiency securing high energy yield.

We Minimize Your Installation Costs

On your site our modules are mounted together with the receiver pipe by local staff. Your benefit is a cost efficient on-site installation by a general contractor - without the need for specialization in solar specific skills. Our modules come as we like to say "with all required solar expertise incorporated". Clever, isn't it?

We Save Energy Costs For You

Your annual fuel consumption for steam is reduced by up to 30% with solar generated steam. Not only energy costs but also your company's CO2 footprint is significantly reduced. Get green while saving.

We Integrate Our Success Factors To Improve Your Success

FRESNEX provides turnkey installations at your site. We integrate - simple but effective - steam on the supply level into the main steam header. Your existing boiler system acts as backup, securing permanent energy supply at any time, independent of sunshine.