Frequently Asked Questions

What is the innovation of the CSP-Panels from FRESNEX?

An award winning pre-manufactured, self-contained mirror module combining mirror strips on a plate with drive and control unit attached. Very cost efficient and easy to install on rooftops.

For which industries is this innovation ideal?

All production companies that use steam in the range of 100°C to 250°C

Do the modules automatically rotate towards the sun?

Yes, a controller is attached to the system. This way the mirror strips automatically focus sunlight onto the receiver all day long.

Do I need a specialist in the assembly of the modules?

Unlike conventional systems, the mirror elements are optically aligned with high precision to each other during production at FRESNEX and do not have to be assembled at the construction site. By separating solar -specific installation work from the generally related work to the plant installation work, a non- specialized general contractor can easily assemble our modules. The expertise of the solar industry is entirely incorporated into the module.

How much space do the modules need?

One module requires 5 x 2,3 meters surface (mirror surface: 10 m2)

Are the modules difficult to clean?

No, the cleaning is made possible by a semi automatic cleaning system with very low water consumption.

Do smaller systems pay off?

Significant cost savings result from integration onto rooftops of industrial buildings and land areas of 500m2 to 20,000m2.

What happens if I need a larger facility? Are the modules expandable?

Modules with 10m2 mirror surface each are expandable to any size required. Assembled in pairs the width of one module is 4,65m and the length is 5m.