Extended Team

Physicist Univ. Prof I.R. DI Dr Werner Schneider was head of the institute for Surveying, Remote Sensing and Land Information at the University of Agricultural Sciences. In his retirement, he works for Fresnex and created the simulation tool "CSP Fresnex". This tool allows accurate predictions on the efficiency and the thermal output that each module can make. Subsequently, he also developed a photogrammetric quality assurance system for the optical inspection on the finished mirror module. Werner Schneider is involved on a regular basis in product development, in particular the geometry optimization.

Werner Zahnt is a general partner at Speed Invest, a Vienna-based Super Angel Fund for early-stage financing in the field of Internet and mobile applications. He is a successful entrepreneur and has lived through the entire cycle from founding a company to the successful exit (3untied and Verisign). With his expertise in Corporate Development (incubation, financing, M & A), he advises Fresnex periodically in strategic issues.